11 January History

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  • 49 BC    -    Julius Caesar leads his army across the Rubicon River, plunging Rome into civil war.
  • 1843    -    Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star-Spangled Banner," dies in Baltimore.
  • 1861    -    Alabama secedes from the Union.
  • 1862    -    Lincoln accepts Simon Cameron's resignation as Secretary of War.
  • 1887    -    At Fort Smith, Arkansas, hangman George Maledon dispatches four victims in a multiple hanging.
  • 1904    -    British troops massacre 1,000 dervishes in Somaliland.
  • 1916    -    Russian General Yudenich launches a WWI winter offensive and advances west.
  • 1923    -    The French enter the town of Essen in the Ruhr valley, to extract Germany's resources as war payment.
  • 1934    -    The German police raid the homes of dissident clergy in Berlin.
  • 1941    -    Adolf Hitler orders forces to be prepared to enter North Africa to assist the Italian effort, marking the establishment of the Afrika Korps.
  • 1940    -    Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., becomes the U.S. Army's first black general, his son would later become a general as well.
  • 1942    -    Japan invades the Dutch East Indies at Borneo.
  • 1943    -    The Soviet Red Army encircles Stalingrad.
  • 1948    -    President Harry S. Truman proposes free, two-year community colleges for all who want an education.
  • 1949    -    Negotiations in China between the Nationalists and Communists open as Tientsin is virtually lost to the Communists.
  • 1964    -    A collection of previously unexhibited paintings by Pablo Picasso are displayed for the first time in Toronto.
  • 1980    -    Honda announces it will build the first Japanese-owned passenger-car assembly plant in the United States–in Ohio.

  • 11 January Birthdays

  • 1757    -    Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. Secretary of Treasury, killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.
  • 1864    -    H. George Selfridge, founder of Selfridge and Co., Ltd., coined the phrase "the customer is always right."
  • 1903    -    Alan Patton, South African novelist (Cry, the Beloved Country).